Tehran, 18 July 2022 (TDI): Ali-Asghar Khaji, a senior aide to the Foreign Minister of Iran and the United Nations Special Envoy for Syria, Geir O Pederson, reviewed the latest developments in Syria.

Khaji reviewed the latest political developments and the humanitarian situation in Syria. He also reviewed the Constitutional Committee and the recent resolution of the UN Security Council.

Regarding Security Council Resolution 2642 on humanitarian aid, Khaji expressed hope that in the implementation of the resolution, the problems created in the implementation of Resolution 2585 will not be repeated, and the aid will be provided in a fair, balanced, and more transparent manner.

He further expressed hope for aid to be provided without discrimination and political preconditions to the Syrian people.

Senior Aide to Iranian Foreign Minister also hoped for implementing the related to the initial recovery of the basic infrastructure for the daily life of Syrian people.

Both sides stressed the significance of continuing the political process. Both sides also stated that the work of the Constitutional Committee would continue until the desired goals were reached.

Iran-Syria relations

Syria and Iran are strategic allies; the former is usually referred to as Iran’s “closest ally.” The countries have had a strategic alliance ever since the Iran-Iraq War when Syria sided with Iran against Iraq.

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In December 2021’s UNSC session on the Syrian situation, the Ambassador of Iran to the UN Ambassador, Zahra Ershadi, spoke against the Israeli aggression in Syria and urged the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to compel the Israeli regime to end the occupation of the Syrian Golan.

During the Syrian Civil War in 2011, Iran aided the Syrian government. Iran reportedly assisted the Syrian government by sending riot control equipment, intelligence monitoring techniques, and oil.

Iran opened its first cultural center in Syria in 1983, located in the Mazzeh neighborhood of Damascus. Syria opened its cultural center in Iran in 2005, which is very popular among Iranian seeking to improve their Arabic.