Islamabad, 14 February 2022 (TDI): Michael Rogers, President of the International Commission on Large Dams stated that the construction of 10 Dams by Pakistan is indeed a world-class endeavor.

This will pave way for a better future and prosperity in Pakistan. Michael Rogers made the remarks in an international symposium regarding ‘Hydropower Development’, held in the Federal Capital, Islamabad, today.

Pakistan Government’s Initiative of Constructing Dams

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan also addressed the international symposium. He highlighted that the construction of dams is bound to increase the storage capacity of the country.

Consequently, more land could be irrigated and used for agriculture practices. Not only that but this will also help combat the current climate change challenges.

Talking about facts the Prime Minister expressed his regret over how the pressing matter of water insecurity has previously been ignored by the former governments. He added that in the 1960s China constructed five thousand dams, whereas Pakistan only constructed two major dams.

Afterward, Imran Khan expressed satisfaction over the water security policies of his government. An increase in population could not be sidelined, he added. This increase means more land has to be cultivated to fulfill the food demand of the masses.

To be more precise areas of D.I Khan, Balochistan, and Thar were highlighted that can be irrigated. One of the other great results that can be achieved would be an increase in exports. The wheat and cotton export potential were underscored by the Prime Minister.

Additionally, the Kalabagh Dam project was talked about. He said that the site of Kalabagh is ideal for dam construction. However, he stated that he is fully aware of the reservations of the masses of Sindh over the project.

The Prime Minister assured that no steps will be taken without convincing and satisfying the people of the province. Being a federation all provinces will be given equal importance, he added.