Manama, 14 February 2022 (TDI): Muhammad Ayub, Pakistan’s Ambassador to Bahrain stated that a strong economic partnership with Bahrain is the final goal of bilateral ties with Bahrain.
A plan is being made and worked upon in order to step up the bilateral ties between both countries. The idea is to bring forward a win-win situation for both countries and their inhabitants. Muhammad Ayub made these remarks in his interview with the Newsman.
Mutually Beneficial Opportunities
Pakistan’s Ambassador to Bahrain Muhammad Ayub said that he can spot an array and variety of mutually beneficial opportunities. The sectors particularly underscored by him were trade and investment.
Not only that but food security, energy sector, tourism industry, education and training, and development sector also have a lot of mutually beneficial opportunities.
Specifically talking about the investment sector, the Ambassador of Pakistan shed light on CPEC as well. He added that China Pakistan Economic Corridor had additionally helped and attracted investors from Bahrain, precisely in the energy sector.
Bahrain’s Support on Kashmir Issue
During the interview, Muhammad Ayub was also questioned on the Kashmir issue. Bahrain’s stance on the contemporary contentious Kashmir was asked. Muhammad Ayub stated that Bahrain fully supports Pakistan’s stance.
Pakistani Diaspora in Bahrain
The concerns of the Pakistani diaspora in Bahrain were talked about in the interview as well. Muhammad Ayub assured of the provision of his services to the Pakistanis. He stated that he himself is keeping a check that the embassy officials remain vigilant to the needs of the diaspora.
Lastly, Muhammad Ayub lauded the efforts and works of the Bahrain Government. The effective management and tackling of Covid 19 were appreciated. He additionally expressed his satisfaction over the provision and availability of vaccines to the masses.
Not only that but the role of overseas Pakistanis in promoting the positive image of Pakistan in Bahrain was also generously appreciated.