New York, 26 September 2022 (TDI): International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons is commemorated on the 26th of September every year. The 77th session of UNGA will also promote this day in New York today.

The United Nations has been commemorating this day since 2014. The UNGA high-level meeting will also raise awareness about the threat posed to humanity by these weapons. This day mobilizes the efforts of the international community to transform this world into a nuclear-weapon-free zone.

Thought behind the commemorations 

The purpose of this day is to enhance public awareness and education about the threats and costs of nuclear weapons. This day raises awareness about the necessity for the total elimination of these weapons for global peace, security, and growth.

It provides an opportunity to educate the public and their leaders about the real benefits of eliminating nuclear weapons. It also educates them about the social and economic costs of the maintenance of such assets.

The primary action for nuclear disarmament is to cut their budget and spend it instead on human development to achieve SDGs.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres highlighted the importance of eliminating such dangerous weapons and focusing on sustainable growth instead. He said, “Eliminating nuclear weapons would be the greatest gift we could bestow on future generations.”

António Guterres invited all the nations and their leaders to join hands to achieve global peace. He added, “On this important day, let us commit to forging a new consensus around defusing this threat for good and achieving our shared goal of peace.”

Achieving global zero; zero nuclear weapons on the face of this earth is one of the greatest challenges for humanity. It has also remained one of the ultimate objectives of the United Nations to achieve global peace and security by achieving global zero.