Rawalpindi, 5 January 2023 (TDI): Adam Tugio, the Indonesian Ambassador to Pakistan has urged Pakistani businessmen to attend the upcoming “1st Pakistan-ASEAN Trade Development Conference & Pakistan Single Country Exhibition” in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Likewise, he has also urged them to network with their counterparts in Indonesia and the ASEAN in order to forge strong trade ties and connections.

This was said by Ambassador Adam Tugio during a meeting with Saqib Rafiq, the President of the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (RCCI), and other senior members at the RCCI office.

During the meeting, the Ambassador of Indonesia also congratulated the recently elected RCCI officeholders and expressed his strong desire to boost trade between the two friendly nations.

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When discussing potential opportunities for bilateral trade, Ambassador Tugio stated that Indonesia is very interested in improving its economic ties with Pakistan because of Pakistan’s strategic position as a trade hub, which encourages further trade and economic cooperation with Central Asian countries.

During the conversation, he also brought up the potential for bilateral spice trade and mentioned that Indonesia produces half of the world’s spices, which are essential to Pakistani cuisine.

Due to numerous similarities between the two countries cuisines, spices may end up being the most important commodity traded between them, he added.

Similar to how traditional herbal medicines have promising trade prospects because they are widely accepted worldwide and are quite popular on both sides, he said.

Ambassador Tugio also praised RCCI for its proactive efforts to maintain close economic ties between the two friendly countries.

With the current Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA) and by working together to move toward a Free Trade Agreement, both nations can find ways to further increase their bilateral trade (FTA).

Likewise, he expressed his gratitude to the RCCI team for sharing the Chamber’s perspective on Pakistan’s business prospects and assured continued collaboration with RCCI on issues of shared interest.

Saqib Rafiq, President of the RCCI, on his part expressed his hope that the signing of the FTA would occur soon.

He also stated that the RCCI was prepared for long-term cooperation, including delegation exchanges and holding bilateral business conferences with Indonesia in the areas of information technology, pharmaceuticals, halal products, agriculture, education, and investment.

In order to further encourage the trade of Halal products, the RCCI requested that the two nations’ policies on Halal certification be aligned.

The Indonesian Embassy was also invited by the President of the RCCI to take part in Rawal Expo 2023, which will be the largest trade show ever held in Rawalpindi.