Islamabad, 5 January 2023 (TDI): The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shehbaz Sharif will co-chair a conference on climate change called “Climate Resilient Pakistan” along with United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. This international conference will be held in Geneva on 9th January 2023.

The conference aims to set forward Pakistan’s strategy for rehabilitating the flood-affected people and resiliently rebuilding the infrastructure.

With the assistance of development partners and the nation’s shift to a more dynamic and sustainable economic development model, it is possible.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan in a press release expressed these views. According to the statement, “Pakistan will provide the Conference with the Resilient Recovery, Rehabilitation, and Reconstruction Framework (4RF). For its execution, Pakistan aims to look for global assistance and long-term collaborations.”

What will the conference cover?

A high-level opening part will take place as part of the conference schedule. The official launch of the 4RF document and partner support announcements will follow, which will be co-chaired by the Prime Minister and the UN Secretary-General.

They will hold a joint press stakeout. There will be participation from ministers, high-ranking officials, and heads of government from several nations and international financial institutions.

The conference will include participation from International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs). The commercial sector, civil society, and international development organizations will show their presence.

What purpose will it serve?

The conference will act as a forum to rally support from around the world for Pakistan’s people and government as they rebuild after the recent terrible floods.

Pakistan is moving from the stage of relief and rescue to the enormous work of recovery, restoration, and reconstruction.

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Pakistani Federal Ministers will provide more details on the 4RF report and outline Pakistan’s long-term strategy for enhancing climate resilience and adaptation. The delegates of the four provinces will express their viewpoints.

Prime Minister remarks regarding the conference

Shehbaz Sharif attended an inauguration ceremony of the Government Boys Secondary School of Kili Jia Khan in Pakistan.

Speaking at the ceremony, he expressed that the civilized world would come to help the flood-affected people of Pakistan at the International Conference on Climate Resilient Pakistan.

He stated that he was constantly contacting friendly country leaders to invite them to the conference. In this vein, he shared his conversations with the leadership of Turkey, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar & Malaysia and their affirmation to attend the conference.