Islamabad, 14 April 2023 (TDI): A meeting was held between Engineer Amir Muqam, Pakistani Advisor to the Prime Minister on Political and Public Affairs/National Heritage and Cultural Division and Adam Tugio, the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss areas of cooperation between the two countries, with a focus on enhancing cultural exchange and people-to-people contact.

The two dignitaries discussed various fields, including education, culture, and tourism, with the aim of fostering a deeper understanding between the people of Indonesia and Pakistan.

Engineer Amir Muqam expressed his enthusiasm for future collaboration between the Embassy of Indonesia and the National Heritage and Cultural Division, recognizing the potential it holds to strengthen the bilateral and cultural ties between the two countries.

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Senior Joint Secretary for National Heritage and Culture Muhammad Bilal and Cultural Coordinator Indonesian Embassy Miss Hira Khan were also present on the occasion.

Indonesia and Pakistan have long-standing diplomatic ties, and both countries share a rich cultural heritage.

The meeting between Pakistani Advisor and Indonesian Ambassador is a testament to the importance of nurturing these ties, and the potential for collaboration in various fields.

In Pakistan, the National Heritage and Cultural Division is responsible for promoting and preserving the country’s rich cultural heritage.

The division plays an important role in fostering cultural exchange and cooperation with other countries, as exemplified by the meeting with the Indonesian envoy.

It is through such efforts that Pakistan can strengthen its ties with other nations and promote a greater understanding and appreciation of its cultural heritage on the global stage.

Indonesia and Pakistan have long enjoyed friendly relations, with cultural and economic ties dating back to ancient times.

This recent meeting between the Indonesian Ambassador and the Pakistani Advisor highlights the continued efforts to strengthen the bilateral relationship and promote greater cooperation in areas of mutual interest.

It is hoped that this meeting will pave the way for further cooperation between Indonesia and Pakistan in the future, and bring the people of the two countries closer together.