Sharm El-Sheikh, 7 November 2022 (TDI): The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is participating in COP27 as the region’s primary strategic partner. The IDB is going to present its climate action plan for the Latin and Caribbean regions.

The IDB will be present at the COP27 conference to showcase solutions to Latin America and the Caribbean region’s climate challenges. IDB will present Urban Green Infrastructure as a solution to the climate challenges in the region.

It will be presented at the conference with a delegation consisting of Benigno López, Vice President for Sectors and Knowledge; and Juan Pablo Bonilla, Manager of the Climate Change and Sustainable Development Sector.

Graham Watkins, Chief of the Climate Change Division; Marcelino Madrigal, Chief of Energy; Laura Ripani, Chief of Labor Markets; and Tatiana Schor, Head of the Amazon Coordination Unit, among others are also part of the delegation.

The 27th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27) is being held in Egypt.

It is a climate event bringing heads of state, stakeholders, civil society, and other state representatives together to review progress made since COP26 Glasgow.

IDB Event Plans

IDB is participating in COP27 as the region’s primary strategic partner. It supports and channels private and public investment to cope with climate challenges by presenting climate action plans.

It also mobilizes private capital in Latin and Caribbean regions. Since 2021, it has mobilized $6 billion in climate financing.

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For COP27, IDB has planned five events to present the progress and further opportunities to continue helping states in achieving their climate goal.

The first plan will be presented on November 8 showcasing “Accelerating Climate Action in Latin America in the Caribbean”.

Other events will be “Ecosystems of Innovation and Climate Action” on November 10; and “How Climate Finance Mobilization Promotes Adaptation and Resilience in the Private Sector in Latin America and the Caribbean” on November 12.

“Achieving Energy Security through the Energy Transition in Latin America and the Caribbean” on November 14; and “the Role of Payments for Environmental Services for the Conservation of Amazonian Socio-Biodiversity: The Case of the State of Pará, Brazil” on November 16 are also some of the events.