Vienna, 6 July 2022 (TDI): The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is set to work with Australia for nuclear submarines under the AUKUS. They are working on a complex situation about nuclear-powered submarines under the trilateral AUKUS partnership.

The Director of IAEA, Rafael Mariano Grossi, and the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, Richard Marles met today in Australia.

Though Australia is a non-nuclear state, it is important to understand the importance of this alliance. However, Australia also safeguards the nuclear material and defense mechanism.

The presence of the safeguard material is imperative to be in place of military operations. IAEA and Australia are adamant to work with each other to ensure the security of the sea.

Along these lines, the two sides believe that it is important to achieve the necessary safeguards. Additionally, Aukus plays a significant role in the IAEA and Australia partnership.

What is AUKUS?

AUKUS is a trilateral strategic defense pact between Australia, the UK, and the USA. The defense pact is also working to build nuclear-propelled submarines.

However, the main agenda of Aukus is to counter the rise of China. AUKUS intends to counter China by creating and building reliable technology.

Australia, the UK, and the USA will share nuclear propulsion technology in replacement of diesel electric-powered submarines. Thus, IAEA’s involvement will make Aukus monumental in the realm of nuclear technology.