Tehran, 20 July 2022 (TDI): The Presidents of Iran, Russia, and Turkiye participated in the opening of the 7th Summit of the Guarantor States of the Astana Process.

The guarantor states of the Astana process include Russia, Iran, and Turkiye. The three states reiterated their unwavering support for Syrian sovereignty.

The three presidents reaffirmed their support for Syria’s territorial integrity and the continuation of the anti-terrorist effort.

In addition, they pledged the rejection of separatist plans. However, these plans attempt to undermine Syria’s independence.

At the tripartite summit, the presidents reaffirmed their unwavering dedication to the goals and tenets of the UN Charter. The dignitaries emphasized the necessity for the world community to uphold these principles.

As a result, they reaffirmed their resolve to keep working together to combat terrorism in all of its forms and manifestations.

In the President’s statement, the Astana Process Guarantor States reaffirmed their ongoing coordination to dismantle all terrorist organizations, groups, and enterprises.

They stated that the political process led by Syrians and facilitated by the United Nations is the only way to resolve the Syrian problem.

Guarantor States’ commitment to Syria’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and fighting terrorism

In this context, the three leaders emphasized the necessity of ensuring the safe and willing repatriation of refugees. This also includes people who have been internally displaced from their homes.

The three leaders urged the international community to contribute effectively to this effort. They requested assistance from the international community for infrastructure and recovery efforts.

Furthermore, the leaders of the guarantor nations denounced Israel’s continued attack against Syrian territory. They emphasized how these aggressions are against both Syrian sovereignty and international law.

Additionally, it undermines the integrity of the territory, causes instability in the area, and raises stress.

Therefore, the presidents concurred that their representatives should organize the 19th international conference on Syria. By the end of the year, the summit will follow the Astana format. The next trilateral summit will take place in Russia.

At a press conference, the illegitimate US presence in Syrian Jazeera, according to the Iranian President, is not justifiable under any excuse. He said that the US occupation soldiers must withdraw from that area. The Iranian president also made reference to the state’s dominance over all of Syria.

Moreover, Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, claimed that all three nations agree on the need for a political solution in Syria.

This complies with UN Resolution 2254 and occurs in an effort to uphold all the essential rules and respect Syria’s sovereignty.

This includes Syria’s geographical integrity and the idea that its citizens would decide the country’s future free from bias.

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