Ho Chi Minh City, 2 July 2023 (TDI): The Saigon Exhibition and Convention Centre hosted an extraordinary gathering of esteemed domestic and international food industry businesses during the Ho Chi Minh City International Exhibition of Food and Beverages II-2023 (HCMC FOODEX 2023).

The event featured the participation of nearly 200 influential companies and showcased over 250 booths, presenting a vibrant and diverse panorama of the food industry. It emphasized the worldwide importance of this sector.

HCMC FOODEX 2023 not only served as a premier platform for domestic and international businesses in the food industry to showcase their products but also offered immense opportunities for business cooperation and effective investment resources.

The exhibition had the objective of attracting attention from various units within the food and beverage industry. It aimed to promote collaboration and propel the sector to new heights, fostering innovation and growth. 

Spotlight on Industry Giants: Vinamilk, Vissan, and Qaiser Industries

The industry giants, Vinamilk and Vissan, took centre stage at HCMC FOODEX 2023, showcasing their latest products, technologies, and innovations. These esteemed Vietnamese companies delighted attendees with their high-quality offerings, demonstrating their commitment to delivering exceptional experiences to consumers.

Adding an international touch, Qaiser Industries, a prominent Pakistani salt company, drew the attention of visitors with its distinctive products and flavours. Qaiser Industries’ booth became a hub of activity, attracting numerous groups of visitors throughout the expo.

Their exceptional range of salt products, known for their premium quality and unique taste, captivated the senses of attendees. It left a lasting impression, showcasing their commitment to delivering top-notch flavours in the industry.

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Qaiser Salts offers a wide selection of salt varieties, including Himalayan pink salt, sea salt, rock salt, and flavoured salts. Each type of salt brings its unique taste, texture, and health benefits, ensuring customers have access to a diverse range of high-quality options.

In addition to salts, Qaiser Salts specializes in salt lamps made from natural salt crystals. These lamps emit a soothing glow and are known to promote relaxation among users. They also provide food staples like salted butter, snacks, and seasonings, offering a complete salt-centric experience for culinary enthusiasts. Qaiser Salts excels in delivering quality products that cater to customers’ preferences and enhance their overall well-being.