Beijing, 2 July 2023 (TDI): On Sunday, Chinese Vice President Han Zheng addressed the 11th World Peace Forum’s opening ceremony at Tsinghua University, highlighting the significance of collective efforts in preserving global peace and security.

Vice President Han emphasized China’s active role in proposing significant initiatives such as the Global Development Initiative, Global Security Initiative, and Global Civilization Initiative.

These initiatives contribute to a comprehensive understanding and practical implementation of the concept of building a shared future for humanity, injecting positive energy into global peace and development.

China is prepared to work together with other nations to safeguard world peace and security, boost global prosperity and development, encourage cultural exchange and mutual learning, and share the benefits of human progress, security, and civilization, as outlined by Han. He proposed four suggestions to accomplish these goals.

Firstly, Han called for upholding independence and mutual respect, supporting nations in independently exploring paths of democratic development, and respecting the diverse approaches to realizing values within different countries.

Secondly, he emphasized resolving conflicts through dialogue and consultation. Han urged influential countries, especially those with significant global influence, to take a clear stance in promoting peace talks and mediation based on the needs and aspirations of the involved parties. He added that security can be enhanced by building mutual trust and addressing disputes through dialogue.

Thirdly, he showed a strong commitment to multilateralism to ensure fair and equitable global governance.

Finally, he encouraged inclusiveness, mutual benefit, and the pursuit of win-win outcomes among all parties. He stressed the necessity of working together to advance balanced, coordinated, and inclusive global development, promoting international cooperation for the betterment of participating nations’ populations and establishing a solid social foundation for world peace.

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Han stressed that China is dedicated to peaceful development and will actively promote and uphold global peace. The event had over 400 participants, including former foreign political figures, diplomatic envoys, and experts.