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Gaza War: Jordan seeks help from European Diplomats


Barcelona, 27th November 2023(TDI): Jordan’s Foreign Minister, Ayman Safadi, has expressed anticipation for a crucial Mediterranean conference regarding the need for a long-term truce in Gaza aimed at fostering cooperation between Arab and European nations.

The Union for the Mediterranean conference, scheduled in Barcelona, Spain, is expected to host 42 delegations from Europe, the Middle East, and northern Africa, represented by their respective foreign ministers.

Moreover, Ayman Safadi met with Josep Borrell Fontelles, the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President, in Barcelona.

The focus of the meeting aims to revolve around tackling the Middle East crisis, establishing a unified strategy to safeguard civilians and secure lasting peace.

Safadi stated that the ceasefire is in effect, but additional efforts are needed to ensure the daily arrival of at least 200 trucks carrying supplies into the Gaza Strip. He reported, “to immediately develop into a permanent cease-fire.”

This conference, which provides a platform for cooperation between the Arab world and the European Union, will not be attended by Israel due to the war with Hamas and the October 7 terrorist incident, due to which the gathering has gained new significance.

In 1994, Jordan and Israel negotiated a peace treaty that maintained their business and secret security relationships. But because of Israel’s behavior toward Palestinians, ties have soured.

Safadi highlighted that most European countries have requested a humanitarian ceasefire, while Arab states have urged an end to Israel’s attack in Gaza.

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“We need to bridge the gap,” Safadi said, adding that the war “is producing nothing.”

He stated, “What is this war achieving other than killing people, destroying their livelihoods, and again, creating an environment of hate and dehumanization that will define generations and will take us a very, very long time to navigate through toward the future that we want,”

The Jordanian minister emphasized the need for a comprehensive plan to resolve the ongoing conflict in Gaza but did not provide specifics on the implementation or control of the territory.

He urged Israel to cease all forms of reoccupation of Gaza, accusing Israel of assuming it can achieve regional peace without addressing the Palestinian issue.

Safadi reported, “The root cause of the conflict is the Palestinian-Israeli conflict”.

“We have a conflict because we have an occupation that Israel has been consolidating. Israel has killed hope for peace, has killed prospects for peace.”

Jordan has denied the entry of Palestinian refugees from Gaza, despite its significant Palestinian population.

Despite some allowed departures, over 2.3 million Gaza residents remain trapped in constant shelling and facing food, water, and basic needs shortages.

Jordan’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Safadi, stated that the possibility of Palestinians leaving Gaza is unacceptable, given the long history of displacement and the potential impact on Israel’s interests.

The minister declared, “We think that displacement is something that will further empty Palestine of its people.” “That is a red line for us in Jordan because we consider it a threat to our national security and we will take all necessary measures to stop it from happening.”


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