Gaza, 8 November 2023 (TDI):  Israel has announced that Israeli troops are currently operating “in the heart of Gaza City” as part of the country’s military operation to dismantle Hamas.

According to Israeli Defence Minister Gallant, Israeli forces on foot are being actively supported by a formidable array of armored vehicles, tanks, and military engineers.

The Israeli ground operation is taking place alongside relentless air strikes that have tragically claimed the lives of more than 10,000 people, including thousands of children, according to the Hamas-run health agency in Gaza.

In Gaza, as per the Ministry of Health, the tragic toll stands at nearly 9,500 lives lost, encompassing 3,900 children and over 2,400 women.

Over 23,000 injured individuals desperately require immediate medical attention, further straining already overwhelmed hospitals.

The entire populace remains trapped and subjected to relentless assaults, deprived of the necessities for survival, enduring bombings in their homes, shelters, hospitals, and places of worship. This situation is utterly intolerable.

Shockingly, over 100 attacks on healthcare facilities have been documented, exacerbating the dire humanitarian crisis.

Moreover, the grim statistics reveal that numerous aid workers have tragically lost their lives since October 7, with 88 UNRWA colleagues among them. This represents the highest number of United Nations casualties ever recorded in a single conflict.

Recent air strikes on Tuesday resulted in the loss of at least 23 lives in the southern towns of Rafah and Khan Younis, as reported by Hamas-run health ministry officials. Israel has urged Gazans to relocate to southern Gaza for their safety.

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Christian Lindmeier, spokesman for the World Health Organization, has expressed profound concern about the staggering “level of death and suffering” in the ongoing conflict. Shockingly, an average of 160 children in Gaza are being killed every day.

Israeli leaders have been making increasingly assertive claims regarding the progress of their operation in Gaza.