Tokyo, 17 October 2022 (TDI): Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement declaring that France will engage in monitoring and surveillance activities against illicit maritime activities. The statement was shared on Monday, 17 October.

It was further mentioned that France will help Japan in activities including ship-to-ship transfers with North Korean-flagged vessels prohibited by United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Resolution 2375.

Likewise, UNSCR 2395 adopted in December 2017 states that Japan along with the international community must put pressure on North Korea to change its destructive policies.

Patrol Aircraft of France Falcon-200France will use Futenma Air Station under the Agreement Regarding the Status of the United Nations (UN) Forces in Japan, from mid-October to Early-November.

The statement further emphasized welcoming these activities to ensure the effective implementation of UNSCRs. It further stated that the international community should join hands with Japan to enhance pressure on North Korea to the maximum degree.

Moreover, it stated that North Korea’s Nuclear Missiles development is causing an imminent threat to Japan. The security situation now has become more severe since the end of World War II, it stated.

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Japan appreciated the gesture of France for its engagement in monitoring and surveillance activities along with Japan Coast Guard and the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Forces.

Japan further stated that it will be conducting information-gathering activities for vessels suspected to be violating UNSCR, and will appreciate the help coming closely from related countries.

UNSCR 2375

United Nations Security Council Resolution 2375 adopted in September 2017 prohibits all member states from engaging with North Korea in the ship-to-ship transfer of goods to or from North Korean-flagged vessels.

Japan wants the international community including Russia and China to work closely with them to denuclearize North-Korean and ensure the effective execution of UNSCR in the Korean Peninsula.