Paris/Tokyo, 2 June 2022 (TDI): A telephonic summit was held between Japan’s Prime Minister, Kishidia Fumio, and the French Republic’s President, Emmanuel Macron. This summit lasted for around 25 minutes.

Firstly, Prime Minister Kishida congratulated President Macron on his reelection as the President of France.

He noted that the bilateral ties between France and Japan as exemplary partners are extremely significant. He hopes that their close cooperation in dealing with the Ukraine crisis and achieving a “Free and Open Indo-Pacific” to preserve the global order following the rule of law will continue.

In reaction, French President Macron extended his appreciation and said that he values relations with Japan and aims to enhance collaboration in a range of domains, including security and economics.

Secondly, in reaction to Russia’s actions against Ukraine, the two presidents emphasized the necessity of G7’s tight coordination on restrictions on Russia and assistance for Ukraine.

They also agreed to collaborate in order to assist vulnerable nations confronting food and nutrition security and energy difficulties. Prime Minister Kishida stated that he is actively involved in engagement with Asian leaders. President Macron praised Japan’s firm stance on Ukraine, its support for Ukraine, and Prime Minister Kishida’s efforts.

Lastly, the two presidents also stated that they will continue to collaborate closely on regional challenges in East Asia, especially North Korea, and Africa.

France-Japan relations: 

France and Japan have had a very strong and developing connection for centuries, thanks to many encounters in each other’s nations by top leaders, strategic endeavors, and cultural exchanges. As the members of the G7 block, both countries have great interest and mutual understanding of each other policies and common benefits.

Prior to this, another telephonic summit between the two leaders took place in March in which they shared opinions on the situation in Ukraine and hopes for the future, and affirmed that they will continue to collaborate closely.

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