Paris, 19 July 2023 (TDI): France has once again expressed condemnations after another series of airstrikes by Russia in the port city of Odesa.

The strikes, intentionally aimed at civilian infrastructure, including vital grain silos, are considered nothing less than war crimes by France.

The French government has vehemently criticized Russia for endangering global food security by calling into question the Black Sea Grain Initiative.

France, in solidarity with the nations most affected by Russia’s aggression, has pledged to continue providing food aid to those vulnerable to food insecurity caused by the ongoing conflict.

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Additionally, France affirms its unwavering support for the Ukrainian courts and the International Criminal Court (ICC) in its endeavours to hold Russia accountable for its actions.

By actively supporting the Ukrainian courts and the ICC, France aims to contribute to the global effort to address the violations of international law perpetrated by Russia.

Previous Condemnation of Airstrikes by France

Previously, France had also condemned different waves of airstrikes by Russia in different cities of Ukraine, targeting citizens and violating International Humanitarian Law.

France reaffirmed its commitment to provide aid to Ukraine along with its international partners to ensure Ukraine’s legitimate defence.