Paris, 13 July 2023 (TDI): France has condemned the recent series of Russian missile and drone strikes in Ukraine, resulting in several individuals being wounded.

As per the statement, the French government expressed outrage at these attacks, which deliberately targeted innocent civilians, flagrantly violating international humanitarian law.

For more than 500 days, Ukraine has defended itself against Russia’s aggressive war.

However, the recent Russian strikes represent a disturbing escalation, as they specifically aimed at the civilian population, disregarding the principles of humanity and the laws of armed conflict.

French minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Catherine Colonna, has consistently emphasized the gravity of these acts, categorizing them as war crimes that demand unequivocal accountability.

France remains committed to closely coordinating with its partners to provide Ukraine with the necessary aid to ensure its legitimate defense.

Additionally, France will continue its unwavering support for the Ukrainian courts and the International Criminal Court in their efforts to combat impunity for the crimes committed by Russia.

France has been condemning Russia-Ukraine since the start of the crisis in 2022.

Furthermore, the statement also states that France stands in solidarity with Ukraine during these challenging times and is resolute in its support for Ukraine’s pursuit of justice and security.

France has reaffirmed that it will work in collaboration with its international partners to promote peace, stability, and the safeguarding of human rights.

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The severity of the situation necessitates a united and determined response to hold those responsible accountable and prevent further atrocities.

France has also called on the international community to support Ukraine and take decisive action against those responsible for the ongoing aggression.

The aim is not only to seek justice for the victims but also to deter future violations of international law.

France has been one of the strongest supporters of Ukraine since the beginning of the crisis in February 2022 and has condemned every attack on Ukraine.