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Foreign Secretary receives British Special Representative


Islamabad, 24 November 2021 (TDI): On 23 November 2021, Foreign Secretary, Sohail Mahmood, received United Kingdom’s Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Nigel Casey. Both sides discussed the matters of common interests and mutual collaboration.

The Foreign Secretary discussed the perspective of Pakistan on the ongoing situation in Afghanistan, particularly the humanitarian aspect, and focused on the urgent measures to prevent humanitarian crisis and economic bleeding, calling it a state of an emergency.

In addition, he mentioned the entrenched violence in Afghanistan and the dire need to shave off the raw edges of appalling ailment. Likewise, he highlighted the importance of stable and prosperous Afghanistan for the entire region.

During the meeting, the two officials underlined their states’ commitment to peace, stability, and progress in Afghanistan. The Foreign Secretary highlighted Pakistan’s efforts for facilitating humanitarian assistance and economic support and brought into light that if loot and plunder continue, peace and security in Afghanistan grind to a halt. Moreover, he emphasized that peace in Afghanistan would help to strengthen regional stability, spur economic activity, and connectivity.
Earlier, Prime Minister Imran Khan has urged the international community about the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan and urged urgent measures to address the bottlenecks in war-torn countries. Prime Minister Imran Khan emphasized the collective role of the global family to address the humanitarian crisis, confronted by the people of Afghanistan.

United Kingdom’s foreign policy has observed wider implications since the withdrawal of international forces from Afghanistan, redesigning its relationship with a war-torn state and focusing on matters related to security, human rights, and humanitarian crisis.

The officials of both states have discussed the matter of Afghanistan from a paradoxical dimension to combat the existing polarisation and committed to future assistance for regional and international peace and security.

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