Foreign Minister Pakistan on Afghan refugees

Foreign Minister Shan Mehmood Qureshi in conversation with Bel Trew, The Independent

Islamabad, 15 September 2021 (TDI): Foreign Minister (FM) Pakistan Shah Mehmood Qureshi gave an interview in which he said that Pakistan has already suffered a lot due to the decades-long crisis in Afghanistan. It already hosts more than 4 million refugees without any international assistance. He further stated that if any processing facility is to be built, it should in Afghanistan. He also said that Pakistan facilitated the evacuation of over 12000 foreign nationals and will continue to do so.

The Foreign Minister encouraged the United Kingdom to accept the new reality in Afghanistan. He further added that ‘engagement with Taliban’, not isolation, should be the priority. Abandoning Afghanistan in this crisis will lead to ‘anarchy’ and ‘chaos’. He said that the Taliban have been positive in their attitude verbally and have assured that Afghanistan’s soil would not be used against any other country.

He also urged the United Kingdom and other Western nations to supply humanitarian aid to Afghanistan as it is generously been doing.

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