Kyiv, 21 June 2022 (TDI): The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba welcomed European Union (EU) Special Representative for Human Rights, Eamon Gilmore in Kyiv on Monday.

They both discussed ways to ensure justice as well as accountability for the war crimes committed during Russian aggression.

In line with this, the EU Special Representative stated that the EU supports efforts to bring every perpetrator of Human Rights violations to account.

Previously, the President of the EU commission and other EU officials have also visited Ukraine.

EU Special Representative on war Crimes in Ukraine

During an interview in May this year, Gilmore mentioned that one day the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, might be put on trial.

“People who are responsible can be held to account no matter how long it takes,” the EU Official said.

There have been mounting Ukrainian and international efforts to collect evidence for future criminal investigations.

Both Ukrainian and international investigators have been interviewing witnesses. As well as gathering evidence of alleged Russian crimes for any future criminal proceedings.

Officials also looked at whether civilians were summarily killed or executed. This was after the withdrawal of Russian troops from districts north of Kyiv.

In the interview, Gilmore stated that the investigations are in motion, particularly the investigation by the International Criminal Court.

He stated that there is a need for accountability for what is happening in Ukraine. As well as what has been happening in the country since February 24.

Gilmore argued that time was no obstacle to bringing a criminal case. As a result, he highlighted that modern technologies like satellite imagery made it easier to document evidence.

“So the idea that people who are either directly committing these crimes, or those who are responsible for giving the order and politically responsible for the war that is giving rise to them…all of that will eventually be investigated,” Gilmore stated.

Most importantly, the Chief Prosecutor of The Hague court, that is, the ICC, pronounced the opening of a war crime probe in Ukraine. Thus, dating back to 2014 when the war in the eastern Donbas region initially broke out.