Cairo, 23 June 2022 (TDI): Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry hosted the delegates of different countries at the Aswan Forum on Wednesday.


The Egyptian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson said that Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry hosted the officials at the first session of the Aswan Forum.

He stated that many issues that are hindering growth in the region were discussed at this forum.

Firstly, the issue of climate change and its consequences were on the agenda of the table between Egypt’s Foreign Minister and the rest of the participants from all around the globe.

Moreover, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson stated that Sameh Shoukry briefed the officials about the challenges.

Also, he talked about poverty and its adverse impact on the lives of people.

In addition, at the Aswan Forum Sameh Shoukry had also talked about the element of ignorance and the exploitation of the people’s resources.

Also, the Spokesperson said that issues generated due to terrorism had also been on the agenda of the Aswan Forum.

Furthermore, Sameh Shoukry discussed with the officials and participants the significance and need for peace.

Besides, Ministers from African Countries, Prominent Officials from African Union, and United Nation were among the participants at Aswan Forum.

Future Framework

Foreign Minister Shoukry, the official delegates firmly stated that their main focus is to bring peace and stability to Africa.

Likewise, they said that we agreed to mutually work for the noble cause to develop that region. Also, Sameh Shoukry and other Officials stated that there is a need for a mutual framework to counter those crises.

Moreover, Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry requested the officials of the first session to work for the region to reduce poverty.

Lastly, he said that we must unitedly take some timely decisions for the better growth of that region. In addition, Minister for Foreign Affairs talked about the strategy of how to counter climate change to save people.


Aswan Forum is an initiative taken by Egypt. The main objective of the Aswan Forum is to give African countries a mutual platform to make a consensus on different regional issues.

Moreover, the vision of Aswan Forum is to promote peace, stability, security, and development by reciprocity.

A few weeks ago Egyptian Foreign Minister also met his Cypriot counterpart to discuss such issues through bilateral talks.

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