Baku, 29 March 2023 (TDI): The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan, Jayhun Bayramov, is visiting Israel and Palestine. The journey seeks to foster collaboration and support expanding associations between Azerbaijan, Palestine, and Israel.

The visit will feature dialogue with high-level representatives from both nations and the official inauguration of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Israel.

The Embassy will be a vital hub for promoting trade, culture, and interpersonal connections between the two nations. Minister Bayramov will also meet with senior Palestinian leaders during his visit to discuss the current Palestinian-Israel crisis.

Azerbaijan has a proactive role in regional attempts to resolve disputes. Bayramov will reiterate his country’s support for an amicable resolution to the conflict.

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Azerbaijan’s expertise in conflict resolution, particularly the successful conclusion of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, gives valuable insights that can assist in resolving the current clash.

The visit will also allow for the exploration of new areas of collaboration between Azerbaijan, Israel, and Palestine. Several mutual interests exist between Azerbaijan, Israel, and Palestine, including energy, agriculture, and water management.

The three nations can cooperate to build a more prosperous and stable region by utilizing these points of mutual interest.

Minister Bayramov’s visit to Israel and Palestine demonstrates Azerbaijan’s commitment to improving ties with both countries and fostering regional peace and stability.

The country’s understanding of conflict mediation can contribute to the termination of the humanitarian crisis.