Baku, 29 March 2023 (TDI): The Combating Autism Public Union has announced that the 3rd International Autism Conference will be held in Azerbaijan on 2 April 2023 to coincide with World Autism Awareness Day. 

This forum aims to raise autism awareness and understanding while advocating the acceptance of people with autism. It will bring together autistic professionals.

The conference will include presentations and workshops on the most recent autism research, therapies, and best practices. 

The summit’s primary focus will be on the creativity of children undergoing partial recovery. It will also emphasize the ability of people with autism to make substantial contributions to society.

On 2 April, International Autism Awareness Day is commemorated worldwide. The United Nations (UN) adopted World Autism Awareness Day in 2007 to increase public awareness of autism as an escalating global health concern.

Individual autistic organizations worldwide meet to support autism research, diagnosis, and treatment. They also urge acceptance and inclusion of persons with autism.

The renowned “Autism Speaks” Center launched the “Light it up Blue” effort specifically for World Autism Awareness Day to celebrate this day. 

World-famous sites and structures are illuminated in blue to highlight this important day and to show support for the autistic community.

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Since its inception by the Autism Speaks Center, the “Light it up Blue” movement has spread to 650 cities across 146 nations. Azerbaijan joined the “Light it up Blue” project in 2012 and remains committed.

The participation of the Combating Autism Public Union in this critical endeavor brings the country a sense of pride. It is devoted to spreading awareness and understanding of autism in Azerbaijan and worldwide.

The 3rd International Autism Conference will be pivotal in the autism community’s historical experience. It will allow individuals and organizations to collaborate to share expertise and concepts to create a better future for people with autism.


Autism, often known as an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), is a complicated neurodevelopmental illness that impacts communication, social interaction, and behavior.

It is classified as a “spectrum” condition since its symptoms can range from moderate to severe and affect people differently.

Communication problems, both verbal and nonverbal, poor social relationships, and repetitive habits or hobbies are some traits frequently associated with autism.

Autistic people may also have sensory processing difficulties, such as being too sensitive or under-responsive to particular stimuli.

Autism is often diagnosed in childhood, while some people may not be diagnosed until later. The specific etiology of autism is unknown. However, research suggests genetic, environmental, and neurological factors may be involved.

There is no cure for autism, although early diagnosis and therapy can significantly improve results for those with the illness.

Behavioral therapy, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and medication for co-occurring conditions like anxiety or ADHD can all be used during treatment.