Baku, 24 March 2023 (TDI): On the auspicious occasion of Pakistan’s National Day, the Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan released a statement expressing heartfelt congratulations to the people and government of Pakistan.

The statement from the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry emphasized the two nations shared cultural history and admiration for one another. It also stressed the desire for ongoing interaction and partnerships across diverse sectors.

Pakistan and Azerbaijan have a special brotherly and friendship connection, with both countries enjoying solid diplomatic and strategic ties that have only grown stronger over time.

The shared history and culture of the two states have cemented their ties. Azerbaijan remains committed to strengthening and expanding its relationship with Pakistan in all fields.

Azerbaijan recognizes Pakistan’s pivotal role in regional and international affairs. It profoundly values the efforts and contributions of Pakistan toward global peace and security.

The two nations share a common vision of a world free of terrorism and extremism. They have been actively cooperating in counter-terrorism efforts.

The strategic partnership between these states extends beyond the political and diplomatic spheres. Both countries have made tremendous strides toward establishing trade and economic relations, and bilateral trade has grown substantially.

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Azerbaijan remains determined to enhance economic cooperation and explore new avenues of collaboration with Pakistan, especially in areas such as energy, agriculture, tourism, education, and defense.

Pakistan supported Azerbaijan during the 44-day Patriotic War in Nagorno-Karabakh, during which Azerbaijan effectively rescued its territory from Armenian occupation.

Pakistan was among the first countries to express solidarity with Azerbaijan during the conflict. It defended Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

It noted that both nations have common positions on many international issues. Their collaboration in these forums can benefit both nations.

Furthermore, Azerbaijan supports Pakistan’s constant struggle to resolve the Kashmir dispute. Its advocacy is a testament to the two countries’ enduring link of solidarity and brotherhood.

Azerbaijan has consistently advocated for a peaceful conflict resolution in line with the UN resolutions and supports Pakistan’s stance.

The strategic alliance between Azerbaijan and Pakistan illustrates a solid and enduring relationship between the two baptized nations.

The statement from the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry on Pakistan’s National Day reaffirms Azerbaijan’s unwavering dedication to fostering fraternal ties and extending the range of cooperation between the two countries.