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First Ever Trade Consignment Arrives in Azerbaijan from Pakistan


Baku, 13 October 2021 (TDI): A dream came true as the National Logistics Cell (NLC) successfully transported the first trade cargo in bilateral history to the capital of Azerbaijan. Bilal Hayee, Pakistan’s Ambassador to Azerbaijan, greeted the NLC truck in Baku.

NLC began the first-ever TIR (Transports Internationaux Routiers) compliant logistics transit operation from Pakistan to Azerbaijan. The trucks left Karachi on September 28th and arrived in Istanbul on October 7th. It covered a distance of 5300 kilometers. This is a pilot project under the TIR convention. The initiative is seen as a critical step toward improving trade and connectivity. Especially between Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, and Azerbaijan.

The arrival of the first two NLC trucks from Pakistan to Turkey via Iran was marked with a ceremony. Which took place Istanbul’s Murat Bey Customs Post. It happened on October 8, 2021. The trial run of NLC trucks, according to Pakistan Ambassador to Turkey Syrus Qazi, is a historic step. It will boost road connection between Pakistan and Turkey. And also promote bilateral trade. The operationalization of this road link will assist cut transportation costs and time.


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