Karachi, 8 May 2023 (TDI): Falsa berries (known as Grewia asiatica in English) are currently in season in Pakistan, and they have just hit the market. People eagerly flock to cart vendors to purchase these delectable berries, which can be eaten as is or with spices and salt.

While some prefer to make falsa juice (known as Falsa Sharbat in Pakistan) at home using liquidizers, others prefer to indulge in the refreshing sherbet and juice sold by the street vendors, which are particularly in demand during the hot weather.

The popularity of falsa juice has even reached the Consulate of Italy in Karachi. Danilo Giurdanella, the Consul General of Italy in Karachi, professed his love for the fruit, stating that he drinks Grewia asiatica juice every morning, which is loaded with antioxidants and is a great Pakistani drink, particularly during the hot weather.

More about Falsa 

Falsa berries are a petite but powerful crop belonging to the Tiliaceae family. Packed with a host of essential nutrients, including cyanidin 3-glucoside, vitamin C, and various minerals, this fruit flourishes during warmer months.

With roots tracing back to Southern Asia, from Pakistan and India to Cambodia, Falsa Fruit has since spread its influence throughout tropical regions worldwide. Despite its small size, this fruit offers a wealth of benefits, making it a prized addition to any diet.

How to make False Juice? 

There are two ways to make falsa juice. The first involves blending the berries in a liquidizer with water and sugar before straining the mixture to remove the pits and seeds. This method takes just a few minutes.

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Alternatively, one can let a cup or two of falsa berries soak in warm water in a pitcher for about thirty minutes; squeeze the berries with their hand. After discarding the pits and peels, the liquid is strained, and sugar is added to taste before it is chilled in the refrigerator or served over ice.