Minsk, 6 June 2023 (TDI): The Embassy of Pakistan in Minsk and the National Library of Belarus unveil the “Faces of Pakistan” exhibition, showcasing the captivating essence of Pakistan at the iconic National Library of Belarus.

The distinguished Senior Deputy Minister of Culture of the Republic of Belarus, along with Ambassador Sajjad Haider Khan, inaugurated the exhibition amidst esteemed parliamentarians, ambassadors, businessmen, and media representatives.

In celebration of Pakistan’s Independence Day, the exhibition invites visitors on a mesmerizing journey through Pakistan’s diverse culture, rich heritage, and vibrant traditions. Its purpose is to promote Pakistan’s distinctiveness to the residents of Belarus and tourists, fostering cultural exchange and appreciation.

Pakistan, a multiethnic, multicultural, and multilingual country, is a tapestry of traditions woven over millennia, seamlessly blending history with modern innovation. Its cultural fabric is a harmonious blend of styles, profound depth, and subtle symbolism, beautifully reflected in the portraits of its people and iconic architectural structures that symbolize its heritage.

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The exhibition showcases exceptional works by renowned Pakistani Watercolour Artist Imran Khan and Visual Artist Zaineb Khan, as well as talented photographers Adeel Chishti and Asmar Hussain.

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Alongside these breathtaking artworks, visitors can marvel at traditional household items such as ceramic vases, cutlery, napkins, miniature sculptures, onyx, wood, copper, and hand-embroidered products.

These colorful ornaments, crafted using various techniques, provide a window into the vibrant culture of Pakistan, encouraging contemplation of the symbols, worldviews, and unique aspects of everyday life.

Enchanting musical performances add an extra dimension to the cultural experience.

Tatiana Kremis, a talented artist, enthralls the audience with a beautiful Urdu song, showcasing her extraordinary vocal abilities and the power of music to transcend language barriers. The soulful performance resonates with the audience, forging a deeper connection between the cultures of Pakistan and Belarus.

Highlighting the exceptional talent of violinist duet Neringa and Diana, the stage comes alive with their enchanting instrumental performance. Their melodious Pakistani tunes captivate the audience, emphasizing the universal language of music and its ability to foster unity and appreciation for diverse art forms.

Guests are treated to an exquisite culinary experience, indulging in a variety of traditional Pakistani delicacies that immerse them in the country’s culinary traditions and cultural richness.

The Embassy of Pakistan in Minsk takes great pride in hosting this art exhibition and cultural extravaganza, a testament to Pakistan’s deep-rooted artistic heritage and cultural tapestry. The exhibition will continue until June 30, 2023.

By showcasing the works of talented artists and providing a platform for cross-cultural exchange, the Embassy aims to strengthen the bond between Pakistan and Belarus, fostering mutual understanding and appreciation.

The Embassy expresses heartfelt gratitude to all participants, artists, musicians, and guests who contributed to the resounding success of this event. The Faces of Pakistan exhibition and cultural extravaganza have not only enriched the cultural landscape of Minsk but have also deepened the friendship between Pakistan and Belarus.