Kyiv, 24 February 2022 (TDI): Pakistan Embassy Ukraine, amid the current Ukraine crisis, is taking steps to safely evacuate Pakistanis from Ukraine.

Emergency contact details to get in contact with the Pakistan Embassy Ukraine are as follows:

1) – the email address for emergency

2) +380638282984 – the mobile number for emergency

The above points of contact have been shared on the Official Twitter handle of the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pakistan.

In the tweet, it has been encouraged to contact as soon as possible to get assistance and guidance. Furthermore, the Pakistani Embassy is available round the clock in times of such crisis.

In addition, earlier the Embassy’s official statement said that Pakistanis must head towards Ternopil. It was stated that arrangements for evacuation will be done from there as well.

Cause of Crisis

Earlier today the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin declared military operation in Ukraine. Consequently, urban warfare broke out between Ukraine and Russia.

Missile strikes, violent air attacks followed. Panic and pandemonium ensued. The masses of Ukraine were incredibly disturbed. They started taking their luggage along to seek shelter, for saving their lives. Apart from locals, a huge Pakistani diaspora is also there in Ukraine.

Prime Minister of Pakistan’s meeting in Russia andΒ  Ukraine Crisis

Today was the second day of Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan’s official visit to Russia. During the visit, he met the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin as well.

Pakistan’s Information Minister earlier today, additionally briefed that Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan will talk about the matter of Ukraine in his meeting with Vladimir Putin.

As told by the Information Minister, the Prime Minister of Pakistan did talk about Ukraine. He underscored the need for dialogues and diplomacy for solving this crisis. Imran Khan stressed that “conflict is not in anyone’s interest”. Pakistan always supports peace and diplomacy.