EU Observes 15th Anti-Trafficking Day

Brussels, 18 October 2021(TDI): On 15th European anti-trafficking day, the European Union has reaffirmed its commitments to end human trafficking. While observing the day, the EU shows its relentless support for victims and survivors of human trafficking.

The EU has been most active on issues concerning human rights such as  migration, human trafficking, and refugees. For this purpose, it had introduced the 2012-2016 EU Strategy towards the Eradication of Trafficking in Human Beings which called for bold actions by countries to prevent human trafficking by employing awareness-raising activities, widespread campaigns, and partnerships with relevant stakeholders. In addition, the strategy envisaged for adopting a coherent policy towards eradicating human trafficking.

Trafficking has become a grave humanitarian concern. The EU commits itself to double the efforts for ending human trafficking. Every year, tens of thousands of people are identified as victims of trafficking in the EU. Out of which children make up nearly a quarter, most of them being girls.  of these victims, most of them being girls. Therefore, in order to address these issues, the EU pushes for stringent measures for orderly migrations.