Brussels, 30 January 2023 (TDI): European Union (EU) is all up to put more sanctions on Iran as the result of the human rights violations against the peaceful protestors.

After the brutal murder of Mahsa Amini, a thousand protestors came out on the streets and chanted slogans against the strict Iranian regime which is violating people’s fundamental rights at all levels.

The Iranian government hardly anticipated such protests. Consequently, there was a violent crackdown on peaceful protesters in the entire country.

By closely observing the situation, the EU put a lot of sanctions on the Iranian regime especially harming the protestor for demanding their fundamental rights.

The EU parliament not only imposed sanctions on the Iranian regime but also put the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps on the terrorist list.

It is pertinent to note that relations between the EU and Iran were tense since the Iranian revolution in 1979 as after the revolution women faced severe restrictions in Iran and they were not able to exercise their rights freely.

The EU has been concerned about the situation for years and imposed targeted sanctions in 2011 in response to severe human rights violations in Iran.

After the incident of Mahsa Amini, the EU is much concerned about the human rights situation in Iran. The EU parliament is imposing more and more restrictions in Iran to act highly on the situation of human rights in the country.

It is high time that Iran must take major steps and change its stiff regime and provide fundamental human rights to all of its citizens.

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Zartasha Niazi
Ms. Zartasha Niazi is Communication, Advocacy, and Media expert who working with development and humanitarian both national and international organizations for the last 13 years. Her areas of expertise include designing and developing robust communications strategies including positioning of social media, storytelling, and filmmaking on both humanitarian and development issues and advocating for the rights of women and marginalized segments of society. During her services to CARE International in Pakistan, she awarded with "Best Communicator Award" from CARE Global. She is currently leading the Action for Impact. Started her career in 2008, She has traveled to Switzerland, and represented Pakistan at United Nations Human Rights Council, Geneva, Switzerland several times to advocate and communicate the rights of the marginalized. Through her innovative approach, she initiated various campaigns in different organizations on Gender Equality, Maternal Reproductive Health, and WASH. In addition, she is associated with National Youth Assembly, Women Democratic Front, and Every Women Treaty. Her poetic blog book “Words of Wisdom” was recently published, in which she tried to come up with inspirational quotes and poetry for women's empowerment, humanity, and peace. Her other publications include articles on women empowerment and climate change, Policy Monitor on the implementation of 18th Constitutional Amendment, Human Rights Report 2009 Jammu & Kashmir, FAFEN Fortnightly Newsletter, CARE Quarterly Newsletter, Pakistan Humanitarian Forum weekly bulletin, quarterly newsletter, and monthly reports, Infographics to Eradicate Poverty, Documentaries on gender equality and sexual and reproductive health, and several research briefs.