Algiers, 30 January 2023 (TDI): Algeria is hosting the 17th session of the conference of the Parliamentary Union of member nations of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (UP-OIC) on 26-30 January.

The conference’s theme is “Islamic World: Challenges of Modernization and Development.” The organization is bolstering the Islamic world’s global power through collective action.

This event highlights the Muslim world’s role in the current geopolitical and economic climate of instability and uncompromising supremacy. Several meetings took place three days before the conference.

The summit included the 48th meeting of the Executive Committee, the specialized standing committees, consultative meetings of the Arab, African, & Asian groups, the 10th conference of Islamic parliaments, & the meetings structures within the Union.

Parliamentary Union of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation

The PUIC was founded in Iran at its founding conference on 17 June 1999. It hosts conferences annually to examine topics significant to the Muslim community. It currently has 54 member parliaments.

The conference aims to advance communication and collaboration among the OIC member states. It intends to strengthen the role of parliamentarians within the organization.

Parliamentarians use the PUIC conference to raise awareness of Muslim issues such as the Palestinian conflict, Muslim minorities, and Islamophobia by adopting resolutions and strategies.

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The organization has recently placed further emphasis on topics of collaboration and economic development. It discussed strategies to advance trade and investment between OIC member states.

It also took measures to strengthen cooperation in domains like science and technology, tourism, and education are all included in this.

Kashmir- Subject of A Resolution In the PUIC

The PUIC Committee on Political Affairs and Foreign Relations has accepted Pakistan’s resolution on the situation in Kashmir. It urged the international community to intervene immediately to end the region’s human rights violations and tyranny.

The resolution also criticized the arbitrary arrests, incarceration, and torture of Kashmiri leaders and activists, the communication blackout, and restrictions on mobility and assembly.

The PUIC Committee stressed the international community to act quickly to stop Kashmiri persecution. It requested that the UN and other international organizations send a fact-finding mission to assess fundamental rights.

The PUIC Committee also supported Kashmiri’s self-determination, freedom, and justice. It also showed solidarity with the people of Kashmir and urged the world to support Kashmiris in their battle for fundamental human rights.