New York, 7 March 2023 (TDI): Thibault Camelli, Counselor, European Union (EU) Delegation to the United Nations (UN) at European External Action Service presented a statement at the 77th Session of the UN General Assembly Fifth Committee.

The statement was presented on behalf of the Member States of the EU to the 5th committee which is the UN’s administration and budget committee.

It examines and approves financial and budgetary arrangements with specialized agencies. The committee is also responsible for making recommendations to the agencies concerned.

The committee also considers urgent matters related to the peacekeeping mission authorized by the Security Council at any of its sessions.

The Counselor spoke on behalf of the member states of the EU and further stated that candidate countries may as well align with the subject of the statement.

The candidate countries are Türkiye, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and the potential candidate country Georgia.

He extended his gratitude to the members of the Secretariat and showed a resolve to adopt the best decisions for the organization, its staff, and the people it serves.

The Councilor congratulated the Republic of Cuba on assuming the Chairmanship of the Group of 77. The EU expressed its commitment to enhancing constructive cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and all other precedent chairs of the Group.

The EU members look forward to the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions fulfilling its technical mandate: neutral, evidence-based, and transparent expertise committee.

The statement highlighted three areas for the efficient and effective functioning of the UN. The first point highlighted the EU and its member states supporting Secretary-General in his continuous efforts to modernize and reform the UN.

The EU emphasized peacekeeping, missions, and fulfilling the expectations of the plenary session of the General Assembly.

The EU looks forward to recommencing reviewing of supply chain activities which is an essential part of Management Reforms. It praised the progress achieved up to this point and that new reforms can lead to a more responsive organization.

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The EU showed concern about sabotaging the independence of supervisory bodies of the UN and disrupting their investigation. A robust commitment to an accountability framework is favorable.

Fostering a culture of ethics, transparency, and preventing misconduct are the key features of Management reforms, which should be upheld at all costs.

The second area of concern is structural budgetary matters.  The EU will consider a biannual review of standards of accommodation for air travel. It will reflect on how much standards align with the organization’s culture.

The EU will further review the working and importance of both Information Technology (ICT) and capital investment. This will further help improve mandate delivery through IT tools and data protection.

Finally, the committee will resume discussing Human Resource Management. The EU is a staunch advocate of modern and effective human resource policies at the UN.

It discourages any form of misconduct, discrimination, sexual harassment, exploitation, and abuse in a work environment.

The UN staff has an important role in delivering the organization’s mandate and upholding its principles and values. It is imperative to provide them with an improved labor framework.

The EU also lamented the inability of the reports for not highlight the importance of mobility and training necessary for the agile workforce that the organization needs.

The EU and its member states are committed to working constructively with other groups and delegations in the committee for sanguine negotiations and a consensus-based Human Resource Management package.