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EU deploys Election Observation Mission in Iraq


Brussels, 13 October 2021 (TDI): EU Vice President Josep Borell Fontelles stated that the EU and Iraq have agreed to an Election Observation Mission. This is after the request of Iraq. The Mission provided a preliminary evaluation of the elections, finding that they were well-managed and competitive. Following this preliminary evaluation, the Mission will provide a full report with suggestions to enhance Iraq’s election process.

On 10 October, Iraq held early elections for the Council of Representatives. These elections are a significant step in establishing Iraq’s democracy and long-term stability. Despite low participation, the efforts of Iraq’s election officials and security forces resulted in a mostly calm and orderly vote.

Borell believes this will result in a representative government responsive to the Iraqi people’s demands and aspirations. It is essential that all parties accept the results and that any potential irregularities be addressed as soon as possible.  The EU will continue to be a major supporter of Iraq’s stability and sovereignty. Looking forward to collaborating closely with the incoming administration on the critically needed changes requested by the Iraqi people.

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