Addis Ababa, 5 October 2023 (TDI): Finance Minister of Ethiopia, Ahmed Shide and the EU Commissioner for International Partnership, Jutta Urpilainen, signed a significant agreement for development and peacebuilding in Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian Ministry of Finance confirmed that the program is scheduled to commence in 2024 and will run for a four-year period, concluding in 2027.

Under this remarkable cooperative program, Ethiopia received 650 million Euros in the form of grants to fund various development projects.

The primary objectives of the program were to bolster peacebuilding efforts, stabilize the country’s economy, support post-conflict recovery and reconstruction efforts, and implement essential political reforms.

Both Ahmed Shide and Jutta viewed this initiative as a crucial step towards strengthening the relationship between Ethiopia and the European Union.

During their discussions, they emphasized the extensive areas of cooperation between Ethiopia and the EU, including the implementation of budget support modalities. Both officials reiterated their commitment to further strengthen their bilateral ties.

Ahmed Shide also underscored the Ethiopian government’s efforts in promoting peacebuilding, reconstruction, and recovery within the country.

He also highlighted the economic and political challenges that Ethiopia had faced, which had arisen as a consequence of a two-year-long conflict.

During her official visit, Commissioner Jutta Urpilainen also met with the Prime Minister of Ethiopia and appreciated the Ethiopian government’s efforts.

She acknowledged that the reconstruction process in the country would require time but encouraged continued efforts.

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Jutta Urpilainen reaffirmed the EU’s commitment to supporting the Ethiopian government’s efforts in reconstruction and peacebuilding.

She also emphasized the importance of maintaining a commitment to transitional justice and ongoing reforms in Ethiopia as a condition for EU support while working towards the normalization of Ethiopia-EU relations.

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Idrees Khan
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