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Abdullah Abdullah applaud US-European Allies’ joint statement


Kabul: 24 July 2021(TDI): Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation applauded US-European allies’ joint statement. It was affirmed in the joint statement that the countries and organizations are dedicated to a strategic alliance with Afghanistan and will constantly examine ongoing developments in this new period of transition as international forces withdraw. It was also stated that the two parties to reach an agreement on a guaranteed and coherent ceasefire, as well as on core tenets for the future Afghan state and transitional governing arrangements until a final political settlement is reached. It was also emphasized that any transitional governing arrangements must be equitable, respect all Afghans’ rights in accordance with Afghanistan’s international commitments, and enforce counter-terrorism obligations.

In response to the statement, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah stated that they remain committed to the aforementioned core principles and values, and reiterate their call for a just and lasting peace through a mutually agreed peaceful resolution.
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