Donovan Carrillo makes history for Mexico


Beijing, 8 February 2022 (TDI): Donovan Carrillo is a 22-year-old Mexican ice skater with a dream of conquering a medal in the Olympic Winter Games happening right now. First, it is important to mention that the classification of Carrillo to the Games means history for a country that didn’t have representation in that discipline since 1992.

Carrillo obtained a total score of 79,69, in the 19th position, and advanced to the finals as one of the 24th best ice skaters in the world. He was the only skater from Latin America to advance to the finals.

That fact is another achievement for the young skater because Mexico does not have ice rinks for high-level athletes. His ticket to the finals means a historical achievement because no Mexican has been able to do so.

Carrillo went to the ice rink, dressed in his uniform, with the song Woman of Black Magic from Carlos Santana. He also carried with him the support of 126,014,024 million Mexicans from the other side of the world.


After his routine, Carrillo remarked that his efforts and his routine were for his family and his country. He then added that dreams do come true, as he dedicated kisses to his family and Mexico.

Carrillo also expressed how his first performance boosted his motivation to give the best of himself. The consolidation of the emotional moment came when the skater went alongside his trainer, Gregorio Núñez, and his technique specialist; Nancy García to hear the final score.

In the end, it was a positive one and the reason for happiness, and pride for him and millions more. Only 29 of the 30 participants were present because one athlete of the US had to withdraw after testing positive from COVID-19.

Carrillo also mentioned that one of his first emotions was that he didn’t want his turn to end; because it became an important moment where he was fully enjoying his life passion: skating.


As mentioned before, the achievements of the young ice skater are incredible for many because he comes from a country where this discipline doesn’t have the infrastructure or a lot of support.

He was born in Zapopan, Mexico on 17 November 1999. Carrillo is the current National Champion and he is also the first Mexican skater to classify to the final round of the Senior World Championship. A curious fact is that he is the only one able to perform a Triple Axel, and the only Mexican skater to attempt a quadruple jump in an international competition.

He started training in ice rinks in commercial centers in Guadalajara when he was a kid. When Carrillo turned 12, he went to the city of Leon in Guanajuato with his trainer, to keep his preparation going still in insufficient training facilities.

Carrillo’s family was always his number one fan and alongside his coach, organized fundraisers to be able to send him to competitions. His friends and close people were also a huge support for his career and part of what helped him get to the Olympic Games and become an Olympian.

Donovan Carrillo, the 22-year-old Mexican skater that made history
Donovan Carrillo, the 22-year-old Mexican ice skater that made history

In 2013, he became a certified Mexican representative by the International Skating Union. Carrillo and his family tried to look for sponsors among corporations and other businesses but everyone rejected to support him.

Also, even though the covid-19 affected every country; he suffered due to the need to close the ice rinks where he trained so he had to be creative to maintain his rhythm.

Even though he didn’t qualify for the 2018 Winter Games; he received positive feedback from many sports commentators and former skaters for his performance in the World Championship. Carrillo also became the first Mexican skater to ever be invited to the ISU World Championship Gala.


The last participation that Mexico had in the discipline of the young ice skater was in 1992 with Ricardo Olavarrieta. Olavarrieta also participated in the 1988 Winter Olympic Games. Diana Evans in 1988, and Mayda Navarro in 1992 were also pioneers in this discipline.


As a Mexican, it is necessary to express only excitement and happiness for Donovan Carrillo. Whether his participation ends with a medal or not, all the country will be there to support him; the value lies in his efforts to be there and fighting to raise the name of Mexico