Islamabad, 14 September 2023 (TDI): Ambassador of Denmark Jakob Linulf convened a meeting with Minister of Energy Muhammad Ali at the Power Division Islamabad, focusing on energy-related discussions on Thursday.

The meeting’s primary agenda revolved around exploring prospects for green energy projects and energy conservation efforts within Pakistan.

During the meeting, Ambassador Jakob Linulf and Minister Muhammad Ali discussed the projects and initiatives being implemented under the Danish Energy Transition Initiative (DETI) and the Investment Fund for Developing Countries (IFU) by Denmark.

The meeting delved into a detailed discussion regarding the prospects and mechanisms for wind energy in Pakistan.

The Ambassador noted that there has been a notable increase in bilateral trade between Pakistan and Denmark, with a specific emphasis on the textile sector.

The forthcoming emphasis will be on enhancing bilateral relations in the field of green and sustainable energy sectors.

This focus will also encompass energy conservation measures within Pakistan.

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A proposal was put forward for the establishment of a cross-functional power sector team to engage in future discussions and jointly conduct workshops at the Conference of Parties (COP).

Denmark has successfully navigated its transition to sustainable energy with relative ease.

Denmark has set the goal of becoming more environmentally friendly and reducing its reliance on fossil fuels, achieving a relatively smooth transition over a span of thirty to forty years.

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Denmark’s goal for sustainable energy aligns with its green diplomacy efforts on a global scale, and the opportunities discussed during the meeting were an integral component of this approach.

Subsequently, Caretaker Minister for Energy Muhammad Ali also convened a meeting with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the World Bank at the Power Division.