Pakistan, 15 June 2023 (TDI): The foreign minister of Pakistan engaged in a highly productive meeting with the Danish Minister of Development Cooperation, Dan Joergensen.

The meeting covered important discussions on green solutions, climate change, renewable energy, and bilateral trade. The meeting underlines both governments’ promises to tackle major global challenges and promote sustainable development.

During the meeting, both ministers shared ideas and views to counter climate change and develop environmentally friendly solutions.

They highlighted the value of joint efforts to reduce the negative effects of climate change.

The Foreign Minister (FM) of Pakistan praised Denmark’s leadership in green power and showed a strong desire to learn from Danish experts in this subject.

The ministers exchanged the joint action plan on the green framework agreement as a part of their combined commitment to sustainability.

This pact wants to promote renewable energy technologies, foster sustainable development, and enhance bilateral trade between the two countries.

They emphasize the importance of exploring new ways for collaboration in the economy and acknowledge the potential for increased trade cooperation.

The FM of Pakistan expresses his gratitude to the Danish Minister of Development Cooperation for his support of the country in various sectors like climate change and mitigation.

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He underscored the Danish experiences that contribute to Pakistan’s ongoing efforts to counter environmental challenges.

This meeting symbolizes the commitment of both countries to foster ties and work collectively toward a sustainable future. This interaction marks a significant milestone in bilateral cooperation.

By doing so, both nations set an example for the international community by showcasing the positive impact of sustainable development and collective action.