Islamabad, 9 June 2023 (TDI): Danish Energy Transition Initiative (DETI) held an online training for Pakistani energy officials as part of an important collaboration between the governments of Pakistan and Denmark.

In order to coincide with Pakistan’s Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) ambitions and ambitious renewable energy targets, this workshop’s goal was to identify paths and methods for a long-term vision in the power industry.

Danish energy professionals shared their knowledge, experiences, and best practices with Pakistani energy authorities at the workshop, which was done in a peer-to-peer format.

This discussion sought to provide a complete overview of the potential difficulties, opportunities, and solutions associated with the transition to a sustainable and renewable energy system.

The workshop focused on the power sector, which is critical to fulfilling Pakistan’s expanding energy demands and guaranteeing a sustainable and reliable energy supply.

Pakistan hopes to minimize its reliance on fossil fuels and boost the number of renewable energy sources in its energy mix by aligning with ambitious renewable energy targets. This transformation is critical not only for limiting climate change, but also for improving energy security and supporting socioeconomic development.

The workshop aimed to help Pakistani energy officials develop a long-term strategy for the power sector that is consistent with the country’s renewable energy targets and NDC goals.

This involves developing strategies, policies, and action plans to facilitate the adoption of renewable energy technology, strengthen the regulatory environment, attract investment, and strengthen capacity building.

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Pakistan and Denmark’s taking part in the energy industry indicates both countries’ support for sustainable development and tackling climate change.

Denmark, known for its knowledge and leadership in renewable energy, can give Pakistan vital advise and technical assistance as it attempts to meet its renewable energy targets.

The online workshop held under the DETI program demonstrates Pakistan and Denmark’s strong relationship in promoting sustainable energy solutions.

Pakistan can speed its energy transition, cut the release of greenhouse gases, and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future by utilizing Danish expertise and experiences.

This workshop’s information will contribute to the development of a comprehensive and successful power sector plan, ultimately supporting Pakistan’s broader goals of economic growth, energy security, and environmental sustainability.