Nairobi, 6 September 2023 (TDI): Dan Jorgensen, the Danish Minister for Development Cooperation and Minister for Global Climate Policy, revealed a significant climate change plan of the Denmark government on September 4.

At the Africa Climate Summit in Nairobi, he announced the Danish government’s commitment to provide funding for the Africa Green Climate Fund for the period of 2024-2027 which amounts to 1.6 million Danish kroner (203 million US dollars).

It is pertinent to note that this fund doubled the financial support as compared to the previous fund for the period of 2020-2023.

In addition, Dan Jorgensen underscored the connection between climate and development policies. He reiterated the Danish government’s commitment to allocate a greater share of its development fund towards green purposes in the future.

Furthermore, he emphasized Denmark’s close coordination with African leaders in shaping a unified agenda for addressing climate change and to facilitate the green transition.

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He added that this Summit will help Africa in establishing a plan and emphasized its crucial role in the global discussion on addressing the climate crisis.

The climate fund provides financial support to Africa and helps them to become more environmentally friendly. This helps Africa to reduce the pollution that causes climate change and also prepares the African continent for the effects of climate change.

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) has warmly welcomed Denmark’s contribution to climate progress and acknowledges its strong commitment to global climate action in anticipation of COP28.

Denmark is the 6th country that has made a commitment to announce funding for the 2nd Global Climate Fund, GCF-2.

Along with Denmark, Austria, Germany, Monaco, and Canada have also pledged to announce their contributions to the Global Climate Fund GCF-2 on October 5, 2023, in Bonn, Germany.

The Green Climate Fund is the largest global fund that addresses the challenges of climate change worldwide. This fund gives financial assistance to developing countries in their efforts to combat the issue of climate change.