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Denmark and Pakistan Unite for a Greener Future


Copenhagen, 27 June 2023 (TDI): Denmark and Pakistan have come together under the Government-to-Government (G-t-G) collaboration called DETI (Danish Energy Transition Initiative).

This demonstrates their joint commitment to a greener and more sustainable future. As part of this collaboration, a delegation from the Pakistani Energy Authorities has arrived in Denmark for a study visit, which will facilitate peer-to-peer workshops and knowledge-sharing sessions.

Pakistani Energy Authorities’ Study Visit to Denmark

The visit of the Pakistani Energy Authorities to Denmark for the study tour is an integral part of the continuous efforts outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). It was  signed between the Power Division of Pakistan and the Royal Danish Embassy.

The recent approval of the MoU by the Cabinet on June 7, 2023, is a testament to the strong commitment of both parties. It reinforces their dedication to strengthening collaboration and facilitating the exchange of knowledge in the energy sector.

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The objective of this tour is to assist Pakistani energy officials in developing the necessary skills and knowledge to support the country’s transition to renewable energy.

Danish experts will share their expertise in key areas such as wind and solar power, energy efficiency, and grid integration. The visit will also enable Pakistani officials to gain insights into Danish renewable energy policies and programs.

Interactive Workshops and Knowledge Sharing

During the visit, the Pakistani delegation will participate in interactive workshops with Danish experts, fostering an exchange of ideas and best practices. These sessions will focus on various aspects of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable development. It will be helpful in strengthening Pakistan’s capacity in these crucial areas.

Supporting Pakistan’s Renewable Energy Policy

The delegation’s visit aligns with Pakistan’s ambitious Alternative and Renewable Energy (ARE) policy, aimed at creating a sustainable tomorrow.

This exchange of expertise and experiences will reinforce the commitment of both countries to clean energy solutions. Moreover it will address pressing environmental challenges.

DETI’s Impactful Projects in Pakistan

Under the Danish Energy Transition Initiative (DETI), several projects have been implemented in Pakistan. These initiatives comprise an online training program on renewable energy and energy efficiency for Pakistani energy officials. Additionally, a peer-to-peer workshop focuses on the long-term vision in the power sector.

A technical assistance program actively supports Pakistani businesses in adopting energy-efficient technologies. Simultaneously, efforts are underway to develop a comprehensive national renewable energy strategy for Pakistan.

These projects demonstrate the tangible impact of the collaboration between Denmark and Pakistan in advancing sustainable energy solutions.

Advancing Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Brighter Future

The collaborative efforts between Denmark and Pakistan under the DETI initiative hold immense promise. Both countries aim to create a greener and more sustainable future through their collaborative efforts under the DETI initiative.



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