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Deadly gas explosion in China leaves 2 dead, 26 injured


Sanhe, 13 March 2024 (TDI): A suspected gas leak resulted in a devastating blast at a restaurant in China’s northern province of Hebei, leaving two dead and 26 injured, according to state media and authorities.

The explosion, occurred around 8 am in Sanhe County, approximately 80 km (50 miles) from Beijing. It followed the conclusion of crucial annual parliament sessions in the capital.

Videos circulating on Weibo showed a massive orange fireball and thick smoke engulfing the area. The fire caused severe damage to buildings and vehicles and injured numerous individuals.

Moreover, the authorities attributed the incident to a suspected gas leak explosion at a fried chicken shop in Yanjiao town. The fire prompted a swift response from emergency services.

Eyewitness Zhao Li described hearing a deafening blast accompanied by shattered glass and smoke. In addition to this, the police quickly cordoned off the affected area.

According to a statement from city emergency officials, the incident at the fried chicken store in Yanjiao was likely caused by a suspected gas leak. It attracted firefighters, rescuers, health officials, and other officials to the area.

Zhao Li is a middle-aged lady who lives about a kilometer from the bomb location. “I was at home when I heard a loud blast, I initially thought it might be a gunshot,” Zhao Li said.

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Zhao stated that police had blocked off the roadway leading to the scene. “The loud explosion was accompanied by a crash of glass and clouds of smoke,” Zhao added.

Furthermore, the fire officials reported that the blaze was under control. Officials from the fire department stated in a previous statement that the fire had been contained and that 154 rescue workers and 36 vehicles had been sent to the scene.

This tragic event comes despite the government’s issuance of stringent safety guidelines for gas appliance usage last year, aiming to prevent such disasters.

Additionally, social media users indicated that the explosion occurred near a cultural center. Moreover, the metro construction nearby prompted an investigation by city emergency authorities.

Regional gas supplier Taida Gas suspended services in surrounding areas as a precautionary measure to mitigate further risks.

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