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Food aid to Sudanese may end next month


Geneva, 13 March 2024 (TDI): The World Food Program, said on Tuesday that the food aid to hundreds of thousands of displaced Sudanese in Chad will end next month, without any more funding. 

Following turmoil and civil war in Sudan last year, over a half million people were displaced from their homeland. People flee to neighboring countries including Ethiopia, Chad, CAR and Egypt. The majority of the refugees are being held by Chad which is the primary destination of refugees across Africa.

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The World Food Program says it is struggling to feed them all and many are already skipping meals. Nearly half of Sudanese refugee children under five years old are suffering from severe anemia. “We are on the brink of a catastrophe,” said Pierre Honnorat, WFP’s Representative and Country Director in Chad.

According to WFP a food supply route from Chad into Sudan’s Darfur, where hunger is worsening, is also at risk due to funding shortages. “We’ve already cut our operations in ways that would have been unthinkable. We need donors to prevent the situation from becoming an all-out catastrophe.” said Pierre Honnorat.

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The WFP urgently requires $242 million to ensure continued food assistance for the next six months. However, a significant funding gap threatens to disrupt this vital aid program. The WFP has requested to donate open heartedly and called out for international assistance in this critical situation.

With the rainy season approaching, the situation could deteriorate further. Access to remote areas often becomes impossible due to muddy roads and overflowing rivers. The WFP requires additional resources to pre-position food stocks before the rains arrive, ensuring uninterrupted assistance for these vulnerable populations.

While food assistance is critical, the WFP also emphasizes the need for long-term solutions. This includes supporting host communities in Chad who are generously sharing their scarce resources with the refugees. Additionally, fostering peace and stability in Sudan.

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