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Daniel Del Valle appointed as new advisor to Ambassador of the Sovereign Order of Malta


Madrid, 2 November 2021 (TDI): Daniel Del Valle Blanco, a young Spanish diplomat, announced his appointment, on a video, via Twitter; on 1 November. His work as Youth Advisor for the Slovak Mission to the UN, led by the Ambassador Michal Mlynár, ended, to start his new role.


The Permanent Observer Mission of the Sovereign Order of Malta to the UN-appointed Del Valle as Advisor. Del Valle will be an advisor to the Ambassador, Paul Beresford-Hill. He will focus on human rights, humanitarian aid, education, and health.

Daniel del Valle, Advisor to the Ambassador of the Sovereign Order of Malta to the United Nations, HE Dr. Paul Beresford-Hill.

Del Valle will also focus on youth policies, international law, and the implementation of the 2030 Agenda. He expressed his excitement for the new opportunity, as it allows him to continue growing both personally, and professionally.

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Del Valle also mentioned that the opportunity allowed him to remain involved in the United Nations.

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He also remarked on his commitment to serve the most vulnerable, marginalized, and disadvantaged citizens.

Del Valle then affirmed that he shares the Catholic and Humanistic values that the Order of Malta promotes.

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He then expressed his gratitude to Ambassador Beresford-Hill, and the Sovereign Order of Malta, for their confidence in him.


Finally, Daniel expressed his admiration, and thanked Ambassador Michal Mlynár, first for the diplomatic opportunity. He then thanked Ambassador Mlynár, for his knowledge as a diplomat, and as a human being.

He stated that Ambassador Mlynár will always be one of his role models. Daniel then added that he valued Mlynár’s strong commitment to his mission, and his professionalism, and friendship.

Daniel remarked that even though their formal cooperation is over, they will continue to cooperate informally. He mentioned that their informal cooperation will be in areas like youth policies, peacebuilding, and sustainable cities.

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