Nicosia, 14 January 2022 (TDI): Cyprus President, Nicos Anastasiades, welcomes Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan in a programmed meeting in the country. President Kasoulides received his counterpart at the Presidential Palace in Nicosia on Sunday.

Along these lines, they both reviewed important aspects of their current bilateral relations. Especially to strengthen cooperation between Cyprus and the Kingdom to a more comprehensive joint approach.

Main Topics Discussed 

That is why Prince Faisal bin Farhan pointed out that he was honored to convey the greetings of the leadership of the Cyprus President. Mainly to emphasize the importance of enforcing the Saudi-Cyprus partnership to all fields of cooperation and prosperity.

In this regard, they both discussed as a one-topic priority, the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, and how Cyprus can join the initiative. Although the conversation focused later on Iran and its relevance to preventing it from acquiring nuclear weapons. This is to protect the Middle East from unnecessary risks.

Cyprus and Saudi Foreign Ministers Meeting

On the other hand, it is fundamental to mention that Saudi Foreign Minister also reunited with Cyprus Ioannis Kasoulides. They started broadly addressing issues of mutual interest, to later point out the key role of Saudi Arabia in the region.

Therefore, they both stressed their countries’ support to all regional and international initiatives. These especially focus on stopping humanitarian violations led by Houthi militia in the civil war against Yemen. They also highlighted that the militia is diverting all political solutions in the Yemeni liberated areas.

Post-Meeting Press Conference: Saudi Foreign Minister Declarations

Besides that, Prince Faisal bin Farhan pointed out during the press conference that Cyprus is the bridge between Europe and Saudi Arabia. He stressed the incredible disposition of Cyprus to understand the challenges of the Middle East. This can be transferred to the rest of the European countries.

Likewise, Saudi Minister highlighted the great number of opportunities in the region despite the challenges. He mentioned that opportunities are more important to continue with the strengthening of relations between the European Union and countries from the Middle East.

In this regard, Saudi Foreign Minister established,

“We both believe very strongly in the need for stability, security and the primacy of international law”