Moscow, 22 November 2022 (TDI): President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermudez met with Dimitri Medvedev, President of the United Russia party. Both officials discussed ways to boost bilateral ties between Cuba and Russia.

Both sides reaffirmed their commitment to strengthen and deepen the ties between their states. The President of Cuba is on an official visit to Russia that concludes on 22 November.

Cuban President also met with Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister, Dmitri Chernishenko, and discussed the relationship between the states.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister stated that “Cuba is a key and trusted partner of Russia in the Latin American region”. He further highlighted the importance of their countries’ relationship instead of the changing global scenarios.

The Cuban President is also set to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin. The two will discuss key issues of the international agenda. The strategic development between both countries will also be an important priority area.

President Diaz also met with the workers and staff of the Cuban Embassy and other agencies based in Moscow, during his visit.

Russia-Cuba relations

Diplomatic relations were established between the two countries after the Cuban revolution in 1959. Both states have had friendly relations since then, as Cuba has been a major ally of Russia during the cold war era.

The official visit of the Cuban President to Russia amid the international scenario highlights the commitment of both states to deepen their friendship. The bilateral ties between both countries date back to the cold war era.

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Russian President invited the Cuban President to an inaugural ceremony of a monument in memory of Fidel Castro in the district Sokol of Moscow. Fidel is remembered as a revolutionary leader in Cuba.

Both countries expressed their commitment to further the bilateral ties in the sector of finance, trade, and commerce. The strategic partnership has also been given prime importance amid the sanctions on Russia by the US and the West and the policies of the US against Cuba.