Havana, 11 October 2022 (TDI): Cuba buoys up Venezuela in hopes of recovery after the land sliding incident that took place in Las Tejerias.

The Prime Minister of Cuba Manuel Marrero Cruz sent condolences to the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro on Tuesday, over the tragic incident.

Cuba stands in support of the sister nation of Venezuela, according to the Cuban Prime Minister. The Cuban government and people stand in solidarity with the people of Venezuela.

Venezuela Landslides

A land sliding incident took place in the Venezuelan city of Las Tejerias due to heavy rains. The number of people that died due to this disaster has risen to 36 and more than 50 people are missing. The houses are destroyed and swept away, and the streets of the town are filled with debris.

More than a thousand people have joined the search and rescue operations as emergency personnel. Three days of national mourning have been declared by the President as he terms the situation “difficult and painful”.

Vice President Delcy Rodriguez said, “We’re trying to save whoever we can and are expressing our condolences to all those who have lost a loved one”.

This disastrous incident took place because of torrential rainfalls this year. The rainfalls occurred due to the La Nina weather pattern. It is a naturally occurring event that involves the cooling of the Pacific Ocean. It usually brings wetter conditions to Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Cuba-Venezuela Relations

The bilateral relations between Cuba and Venezuela were established in the early 1900s but blossomed in the late 1990s. Since then, their relationship has evolved on trade, political and diplomatic fronts. Both states have also collaborated on scientific research projects.

The Venezuelan military is also transforming with the help of Cuba. This began in 2004 when the military of Cuba due to their experience started transforming the Venezuelan military.

Apart from the differences in history, both states affirm and support the peace of the region through cooperation.

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