Brazzaville, 29 June 2022 (TDI): On the basis of a new perspective on justice and human rights realized under the Sectoral Dialogue on Justice, the Cotonou Agreement has been renewed.

The Cotonou Agreement is an agreement between the European Union and the African, Pacific, and Caribbean groups of states.

Justice and human rights are key areas that the EU has been working on globally.

In addition, the European Union’s delegation to the Democratic Republic of Congo organized the dialogue. It included the Ambassadors of the member states of the European Union. Simultaneously, the Republic of Congo’s Minister of Human Rights, Justice, and Promotion of Indigenous People also participated in the meeting.

Subjects of discussion 

One of the European Union’s important commitments is justice and rule of law in partner countries. Moreover, justice has a direct connection with human rights, citizen security, and equality. Therefore, to achieve holistic socio-economic development, the Sectoral Dialogue covers the EU’s specific efforts on this topic.

This dialogue was following a spirit of understanding the mutual challenges. Such challenges have existed for both Republic of Congo and the European Union in the field of human rights and justice.

The most important subjects under discussion were corruption, electoral governance, wildlife crime, and cross-border offenses. Meanwhile, security forces, and their training, as well as challenges to improvements of police stations were also key topics in the dialogue.

Furthermore, attendees also paid attention to a range of opportunities that have potential in face of challenges. The representatives especially emphasized those challenges emanating from the field of human rights and justice.

The parties highlighted cooperation with civil society as well as the promotion of indigenous rights as an important commitment to improving the overall condition of the state of human rights. The diversity of opinions and experience in the dialogue of both parties had a great significance.

Finally, the two parties concluded by announcing a final commitment to hold the Sectoral Dialogue on Justice annually.