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COP 26: Iran highlights impacts of US sanctions


Glasgow, 11 November (TDI): Global leaders met in Glasgow at COP 26 to reach an agreement to contain carbon emissions. The conference is running until November 12.

Representatives of over 200 countries wish to counter climate change effects, especially by reducing carbon emissions until 2030. Iran’s Department of Environment Chief Ali Salajegheh is leading the team.

Iran statement at COP 26

Salajegheh highlighted economic terrorism, focusing on illegal sanctions imposed unilaterally, as an obstacle against sustainability. In his statement, he declared that sanctions against Iran have taken economic affairs hostage for political purposes. Likewise, sanctions prevented international efforts to counter climate change.

Iran’s Department of Environment has developed an ambitious national plan to deal with climate change impacts, Salajegheh said, adding that Iran is faced with an obstacle called economic terrorism when it comes to international cooperation.

The official also mentioned Iran’s special status in environmental issues. The environment is strongly present in different levels of Iranian culture and politics. As well, in religious teachings, traditions, the Constitution, and the strategic approaches set by Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei.

Furthermore, he asked the nations how Iran would implement its commitments while it cannot receive international funds or technical assistance. This restriction is due to coercive measures. According to IRNA’s interview with the official, the implementation of the Paris Agreement is totally contingent on removing all sanctions imposed. He also criticized wealthy countries for refusing to give 100 billion dollars in funds to developing countries.

Finally, the Head highlighted that political issues cannot intervene in environmental ones. Salajegheh said that Iran’s main message to COP26 is that all countries need the commitment to remove sanctions against Iran.

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